Saturday, February 9, 2008

Something different.

This is an opportunity to talk about something diferent. To think about something different. Something real and insightful and intriguing and something you will never ever chat about around the water cooler at work. What that might be? I really have no clue. But here's an idea of what I'm thinking...

Things we won't be talking about: No Obama and Clinton and McCain. No Britney. No Idol. No housing market. No sports recaps.
Things we could be talking about: How all good thinking is done in the shower. How I cry in my sleep when I dream about my uncle. How sunrises sometimes make you feel alone. How walking barefoot toughens the soles of feet.

Hope that helps. And I promise there's no sales pitch, no secret, no catch. I'm just hoping there are other people out there like me who are sick and tired of the same old garbage and whose mind, heart, soul, whatever is ready to engage in a real conversation.